EST-Floattech delivers 1.6MWh ESS for Norwegian trawler

EST-Floattech delivers 1.6MWh ESS for Norwegian trawler

The NordnesGruppen trawler “Nordbas” will feature an integrated power system that will allow the vessel to go diesel free for hours and run on renewable electricity. The super-efficient vessel will undergo a retrofit at the Kleven shipyard in Norway for NordnesGruppen, a Norwegian based owner. Another prestigious project showcasing that Norway is leader in the adoption of electric vessels.

EST Floattech will deliver 1,6 MWh battery solution based on our GO1050 air cooled system. The ESS is DNV-GL certified and delivered as a complete system with rack, cables, exhaust system and Battery control system for highest level of safety.

Due to our high energy density and modular design, EST-Floattech has been able to design this large ESS solution into a very limited battery room” says general manager Jannik Stanger from EST-Floattech. It is inspiring to work with companies that integrate both well-established and new technology and focus as much on the re-use of materials for reduced environmental footprint.

Blueday Technology is the system integrator and will provide the power generation and system design. EST-Floattech and Blueday Technology have combined forces to design and deliver the best possible solution.

Whoever has the ability has the duty – here we take a considerable responsibility when it comes to reducing our environmental footprint through reuse, energy optimization, quality and utilization of residual raw material” says Tormund Grimstad, General Manager of NordnesGruppen.

NordnesGruppen consists of several companies, with 100 employees. The main activity lies in ownership and operation of three wholly owned fishing vessels. The fleet consists of “Nordstar” with licenses for deep sea fishing, “Vollerosa” with licenses for coastal fishing and “Nordbas” (under reconstruction). The company has a clear environmental profile and is working to develop further on full utilization of available resources. A great deal of effort is put into developing a very cost-saving fishing vessel, with a lot of focus on reuse and reduced environmental footprint.

EST-Floattech is a dynamic and fast-growing company with offices in the Netherlands and Norway and strong presence in Germany, delivering low weight/low volume energy storage systems based on Lithium NMC technology. EST-Floattech is one of the market leaders in the field of energy storage for full electrical and hybrid applications, both for marine applications as for the mobile equipment industry. 

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