Tugs & Workboats

Multi-purpose vessels, workboats, offshore supply vessels, tugs and pushers

Acceptation of electrification

The commercial use of electric systems in all ships and specifically tugs and workboats is growing. This innovation is part of the need for the industry to become more sustainable. EST-Floattech supplies batteries for different types of workboats and tugs. By implementing the right type of batteries, these hard-working vessels can save fuel and even sail emission-free.

The size of traditional vessel engines is largely determined by incidental power peaks, but the clean energy of our battery systems is an excellent way to handle these peaks. In which case the same power can be achieved with smaller engines. Our new generation of batteries, the Octopus series have become both smaller and lighter. The modular and adaptable design can meet different mechanical and electrical requirements to fit any tug or workboat.


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • zero emission sailing and no noise
  • Fast throttle response
  • Optimal use of generators
  • Low maintenance
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