Inland Waterways

Barges, cargo vessels, container vessels and tankers

The road to zero emissions

We believe that inland waterway transport is an energy efficient, safe and sustainable alternative, compared to other modes of transportation. The potential of zero-emission ships is high in this industry and our batteries can offer a huge step towards reaching zero-emission shipping on inland waterways. Our batteries can be implemented in two ways, as hybrid application, combined with hydrogen fuel cells or in a full electric setup.

Another approach that is suitable for inland shipping is the concept of interchangeable energy containers. For more info on this matter, have a look at our containerized solutions.

EST-Floattech has a proven trackrecord with multiple projects in the inland waterway segment. Besides that we have a deep understanding of the integration challenges vessels might face, and to ensure a succesfull integration of our batteries, we support our customers throughout the entire project, from design to trials runs.


  • Optimal use of generators
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Contribution to zero-emission shipping
  • Ready for new emission standards
  • Low maintenance
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