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Multifunctional energy storage

Energy Storage Solutions (ESS), combined with alternative energy sources can be a reliable replacement of generator power for aqua operations that are often used in remote areas. This will make working more enjoyable, as the system is silent and emission free. With the use of batteries the environment and fishery community are respected.

Norway’s famous fjords have set the goal to become zero-emission zones by 2026. Norway wants to achieve this goal by challenging the cruise and ferry industry to sail more sustainable, as is described in this blog from DNV. EST-Floattech’s solutions are already widely adopted in Scandinavia and contribute to reaching this goal.


  • Energy at remote locations
  • Work in silence
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Highest level of robustness and safety
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimal use of generators

Interested to know more about battery use for fish farming? You can read more on electrification in aquaculture in this article from Electric and Hybrid Magazine about the challenges feed barge owners faced when they moved to renewable energy.

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