08 Jun First hybrid tugs on US west coast

Foss Maritime (founded in 1889) is the largest tug and towing concern on the west coast of the United States. For their Carolyn Dorothy and Campbell Foss we provided new 150 kWh battery packs (Lithium Polymer) in their existing tugs, thus creating the first hybrid...

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08 Jun Less CO2 and cost saving in the city of Amsterdam

Waternet is responsible for all water in the city of Amsterdam. For their patrol boats they choose us for the environmental friendly and cost saving solution. Our 136 kWh power battery pack delivers the power and CO2 reduction they needed....

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Wider 150 hybrid yacht

08 Jun Wider 150 Genesi Full Electric Propulsion with Battery Storage

SHIPBUILDING TECHNOLOGY IN A SUPER YACHT The WIDER 150’ has a propulsion system that draws inspiration from thousands of military and commercial vessels that run using diesel electric power. The WIDER Engineering team have sourced experienced and proven suppliers to adapt diesel electric technology to a super...

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