Batteries on board of Netherlands’ most sustainable fishing vessel

The UK205 “Spes Nova”, a twin rigger

Ekofish Group, a family firm from the fishing village of Urk that focuses on sustainable fishery, has set the goal of building the most sustainable fishing vessel possible. In order to realise that goal, the company has selected both Pon Power and EST-Floattech as suppliers.

The UK205 ‘Spes Nova’, a twin rigger/flyshooter currently under construction by Maaskant Stellendam, was developed in collaboration with Vripack Naval Architects. The vessel will be fitted with three identical diesel-electric Caterpillar generator sets, coupled to a power management system with a lithium battery set-up.

An intelligent energy regeneration system has also been developed for functions such as unspooling the winches when setting out nets. The ship is entirely emissions-free, both when stationary in the harbour or underway at sea due to the battery capacity on board of the vessel. Its combination of features makes it the most powerful, efficient, and sustainable vessel of its class. The Spes Nova is scheduled for delivery in early 2019.


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