EST-Floattech wins contract for 2nd electric ferry in Gothenborg

The second in line of the fleet of Västtrafik

Battery Capacity1260 kWh
MarketFerries and River Cruises

Another electric ferry is set to join the fleet of Västtrafik, the organization responsible for public transportation in the port city of Gothenburg, Sweden, running a route across the Gota Alv river in 2022. The battery-electric vessel is to be built by the Uudenkaupungin Työvene Oy shipyard.

Compared with her already operational sister vessel, Elvy, the new ferry will feature a larger energy storage system, supplied by EST-Floattech, with a total capacity of 1,260kWh and consisting of 120 individual modules. This should allow for between 7-8 hours of run time between charges and has also allowed for only a single generator to be installed on board, alongside smaller fuel tanks. The genset meets IMO Tier 3 emission regulations and will run on bio-diesel.

The ferry’s operators say the propulsion solution is expected to cut CO2  emission by more than 55%, with nitrogen oxides and particles emissions reduced by 40% compared with the sister vessels running on diesel electric power.

This solution is expected to cut CO2 emission by more then 55% while nitrogen oxides and particles emissions are reduced by 40% compared to her sister vessels.

Another great advantage of the batteries is the reduced noise emission. With the vessel operating in the heart of the city Gothenborg, passengers and nearby citicens will no longer be bothered with the sound of running generators.

We wish the crew and passengers a safe and noiseless journey! We thank Uudenkaupungin Työvene Oy for chosing us again as the preferred ESS supplier.



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